MEHA Ltd. Cooperation has been working on hand-made carpetry for three generations since 1990.Our company has a big experience for many years and has succeeded combining the modern norms and the concepts. The company is continuing traditional hand-made carpetry with its young and dynamic staff.
The firm which is established in the Covered Bazaar, has 4 showrooms and uses the most recent production and marketing techniques.
While you are having your coffee at our cafe with an authentic atmosphere, you can also browse and choose our products. The company specializes in producing and marketing of hand-made carpetry, Usak style hand-made carpets, new concept, hand-made silk carpetry, old-antique carpets and home-made textile products. We also attend international fairs to exhibit our products.
We are able to deliver our original and unique products right to your door anywhere in the world. You may also search our products on our internet site, contact us and order if you like.
Come and live the history with us in the modern world.

Rugs are an important decorating element in today's interiors, adding a touch of comfort to fashionable wood or stone floors or an area of pattern and interest to plain, fitted carpet. Their rich designs bring colour to neutral schemes and form the linch-pin of more colourful areas.

They complete a room by giving it a focus. Sofas and chairs arranged around a rug seem more cohesive than they would without it. Standing a dining table and chairs on a large rug gives the group unity, and a runner laid in a hallway or landing leads the eye onwards. In a large, open living space, a number of rugs, strategically laid, divides the space, and in a small room, overlapping rugs give the space a cosy intimacy.

A beautiful rug can set the style of a room. Oriental carpets thickly knotted or smooth-woven are a traditional favourite, but come in such varied designs that it is easy to find one to complement a modern room. Modern rugs, often thickly tufted in wonderfully abstract designs, bring their own vitality to a room. Buy one and you'll have a unique piece of functional art that could become an antique of the future and will brighten your home and your life.

Few furnishings are as versatile as rugs. In winter, draw them up to the fire, where the colours will glow more warmly; in summer move the furniture away from them to give the room a cool, spacious look. Shift them from one room to another as you redecorate and change the colour scheme and, when you move house, simply roll them up and take them with you.



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