With Careful Treatment, An Oriental Rug Can Survive For Centuries . Follow These Simple Guidlelines To Preserve The Quality Of Your Floorcovering Investment


Frequently rotate your rugs to equalize the damaging effects of the sun. Because continual direct exposure to sunlight will damage a rug over time, use window shades,shutters, or heavy curtains to safeguard your investment.


Fumes from furnaces, stoves, chimneys and auto exhaust can mix with humidity in the atmosphere to form an acid that fades and deteriorates the appearance of wool. Over time, dampness will rot the threads and destroy the fibers of a rug. Keep them in a dry environment.


If a rug is cut or torn, have a competent person repair the damage as soon as possible. Holes can expand very quickly and ruin an otherwise repairable carpet. With ordinary use, the selvage edges tend to fray as they are not as compressed as the rug pile. Worn edges can easily be redarned. Fringes can be replaced. Worn or damaged areas in the middle of a rug can be re-knotted. Even large holes can be restored. (Although this kind of work work is rather expensive. ) To repair a less-valuable rug, a patch from a similar rug can be woven into the damaged area. Sometimes a serviceable small rug can be made from the undamaged portions of a large carpet.


Moths can cause extensive damage to Oriental rugs, however, a carpet in normal use is rarely in danger from moths. Frequent rotation and regular exposure to light and air usually keeps moths at bay. Not only do moths eat the pile, but they can also eat the knots on the back of a rug. Moths are especially attracted to areas under furniture that remain relatively undisturbed. Eliminate these pests and safeguard against their return by spraying the front and back of a carpet every six months with moth spray.


The life of an Oriental rug can be doubled with the use of good-quality padding. Padding protects the rug, especially in heavily-trafficked areas. The best padding is made of hair or fiber with a rubberized surface to prevent moving

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